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Ms. Kreuger's Class

Tears, by Jaeden M. Water Makes Noise, by Hlu
Cool Rain, by Drew Water Wasteland, by Lily
Dying, by Elijah Splash, by Jaeden M.
Water, by Haili K. The Water Gave Me, by Quincy H.
Day on the Beach, by Xue The Cabin, by Haili K.
Penny and Snow, by Corin Tubing at the Cabin, by Lily
Water, by Kaliyah P. Raindrops, by Jada
Water has Given Me, by Lily Thunderstorm, by Hlu
Snow, by Amanda Z. Peace Pond, by Quincy H.
A Life, by Drew Freedom, by Drew
Camping, by Ben J. Rain, Rain, by Blair
Courage, by Baily Dolphin, by Baily
Lake, Flow, Wet, by Baily Aquatic Life, by Rachel
Courage, by Rachel Courage, by Jake
Tears/Justice, by Azaria Current, by Lily B.
Hope/Water, by Lila Courage is a Thing That, by Nik
I Used To, by Moriss This Skateboarder, by Rayjun
How to Ice Fish, by Evan S. Under My Grandma's Stairs, by Jaeden M.
I Wonder, by Kaliyah P. My Room, by Fiona
French Dogs, by Haili K. The Confused, by Azaria
Courage, by Amanda Z. Beach, by Amanda Z.
Lost, by Ben J. Write a Poem, by Elezebet
At the Beach, by Baily I'm Bored, by Alex L.
Rain, by Loko H. Lake, by Ben C.W.
Bodysurfers, by Corin Water Gives Us, by Gamada S.
Free, by Miguel I am the One, by Mery
I am the One, by Jaeden S. Accept, by Lila
Me, by Jaeden M. I Am, by Drew
The One Who, by Jada M. I Am the One, by Xue
Me, by Corin Mississippi, by Evan B.