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Mr. Abenth's Class

Inspiring, by Rose Cycle, by Mr. Abenth
The Lake, by Emma Swimming in the Nile,by Rediate
Fishing, by Sam Bright Beautiful Sea, by Rose
Mississippi River, by Bela L. Swimming a Song, by Nayher
The Beach to Me, by Rose My Toes are like the Sea, by Xzavier
Fishing, by Kimberly Falling Rain, by Nathan
Water Gives Me, by Cortney The Boat, by Beth
Life is Like a River, by Kimberly Big Boat Jumps Over the Sea, by Sara C.
Sea, by Mercedes River, by Thaddeus
Time is Like a River, by Thaddeaus My Mango Tree, by Rose
Like a River, by Nayher Life is a River, by Emma
Sadness like Rain, by Nathan Water, by Cortney
Green Bay, by Bela D. The Lake, by Otto
Lost in a Mist, by Logan Basketball, by Julian
Never Give Up, by Xzavier Fish, by Melinda
Lost, by Olivia V. My Room, by Thaddeaus
Defeat, by Bella C. Fog, by Trent
Courage, by Hannah One Sip, by Nathan
Home, by Rediate How to Keep from Drowning, by Keshawn
At the Pool, by Mahlet Ice, by Mahlet
How to be Safe, by Joey Early Morning, by Bela L.
School, by Jackson Balcony, by Beth
Dogs, by Sam From Memory, by Emma
Lost, by Thomas M. Under the Bridge, by Thomas M.
Frozen Lake, by Sara c. Wave Pools, by Yeabsira
I am the One, by Melinda C. The Bus Ride Home, by Nathan
Take all the Kings, by Otto The Citadel, by Otto
Beautiful Island, by Rediate That Tames, by Beth
I am the One, by Sara C. Mess, by Bella C.