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I Remember

By Habso


I remember when I was littler

I used to lie.

I remember when I was four

I asked my dad if I could go to school.

I remember when I was five,  in kindergarten

My first day, my mom came with me.

She was really helpful.

We were all lined up by the wall.

I sat by a girl named Pilar.

Her hair all got in my face.

I could barely see.

We were great friends

Until second grade when she moved.

II remember when I was in first grade

I was not shy.

In first grade everybody liked me

As a friend.

I saw a tree mysteriously

Growing in the corner.

I remember in second grade all the teachers

Loved me.  Now Iím in third grade

All the teachers still love me.

I remember when I go down a hallway

They would say hi.

I would say hi in return.