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Mrs. Schuster's Class Poem


I am a cheetah, cheetahs are fast,

I am in the tall tall grass.


I am a deer, there are many trees.

I like to run and jump.


I am a bear, a warm bear.

Bears are fuzzy too.


I am a monkey.  I was in the jungle

I was eating a banana and then I saw a tiger!


I am a falcon.  It is fun to fly

In the sky and catch fish.  I can see very very far.


I am a shark, I live in the ocean

I eat fish.  I like to swim far and come back.


I am a hamster I am in a cage.  I am fast.  I am big.

I am awake.  I am by a dogit is barking loud.


I am a mouse.  I live in a house,

I have plenty of food.


I am a fish, I am swimming in the lake.

I see seaweed. I hear waves hitting rocks.  There

Are some boats up on top of the water

Hoping to catch some fish.


I am an alligator.  I like to swim in the water,

my tail is moving, always moving.


I am a dog.  I am outside playing fetch.  I like to chase a

  I drop it for my owner.  I dream to be a rock star.  I

like to sing.


I am a dog.  I am at the ocean and I hear waves and I feel

Waves and the waves are gentle.  It is a very good view.


I am a dog.  I see stuff in black and white.  I like to bark

And I like to nag.  I see houses and other dogs.


I am bird, I can fly, I can fly.  Now Im in a tree.  I can see

Very far.  I build a nest and lay eggs. They hatch. 

I get them food.


I am a dog, I live in a pound.  I like water and I like food

too. like to play games with sticks.  Love bones!  Id like

To go home with you.


I love to play with my fish.


I am a bird.  I soar in the sky.  I land in a tree where

A bird house is.  It is in a yard.  My mom bird is in the bird

Houses.  She has a worm in her mouth.  She gives it to me.

That is dinner.  Soon I go to sleep.  It is fun being a bird.


I am a koala, hanging on a tree.  I see the whole town.  I look

Down to the town, but sometimes I get nervous.  I notice Im

very high.  I have some bamboo and I get down.


I am a lion.  I live in a den.  And I eat deer.  And I growl.

And I pick up other lions.


I am a baby lion, that can see far and wide.  I have little

little paws, and a little body.  A nose that can really

smell.  I live i
n top of a hill in a cave with a daddy lion.