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Mrs. Milos' Class Poem

1st Grade


I am the one gamer in my family.  I can play anything.

I am the one who likes running so much that I get faster each year.I get stronger each year.

I'm the youngest in my family.  I like to play outside, I like to ride my shiny silver bike.

I am the one who plays the most games. 

I'm the one who went to the forest and went zip-lining.  We fed fish and saw animals.  I saw a snake. It was the best day. 

I am the one who likes to go on rides and roller-coasters. 

I'm the one who loves first grade because it is fun to do hard math. 

I am the youngest in my family. I want another baby, but then I wouldn’t be the youngest. 

I am the one and only best video game player in the world. 

I'm the big sister of my three year old sister. I want to be a jockey.

I am the one who loves the states.  I would like to be a robin, so I could fly to New Mexico or Colorado, that would be fun. 

I'm the one who likes butterflies and swimming and to read and I like to bake banana chocolate chips bread. 

I am the one who likes to help my mom and I color. 

I am the one who love god.  Hi God.  I love God, it’s just you & me. 

I am the one who when I grow up I will plant. 

I am the one who likes dogs and butterflies and tulips. 

I am the one who plays the most video games. 

I am the brother. 

I'm the one who will go to Ohio.  I will go by plane. 

I am the one who cleaned the garage with my mom.  I swept the floor.