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Seventh Hour

Night in the Eyes of Love, by Taylar Wiberg The Call, by Jayfen Sikorski
My House, by Ethan Hites Crazy World, by Jayfen Sikorski
I Saw Him, by Jayfen Sikorski Hank, by Jaeden Johannesson
Popcorn, by Faith M. Olson The Lake, by Eugene Wojo
I'm Gonna Miss, by Haley Neelans I Didn't Know that I loved Love, by Emma Bjerk
Chores, by Emma Bjerk Gone, but not Forgotten, by Emma Bjerk
Home, by Emma Bjerk Crazy, by Emma Bjerk
Grandpa's Last Goodbye, by Emma Bjeck Dance, by Emma Bjerk
Life, Such a Tease, by Emma Bjerk I Never Knew, by Jennifer Seeley
First Favorite Song, by Aleta Sanford Angelica, by Aleta Sanford
Haunted, by Aleta Sanford Change, by Aleta Sanford
Past, Present and Future Nostalgia, by Aleta Sanford Nightmare, by Aizer Lea Alaras
It Was Like This, by Kaitlyn Christianson Dreams, by Kaitlyn Christianson
Thief, by Kaitlyn Christianson Childhood, by Brita Kihle
The Beach, by Brita Kihle Monsters Under the Bed, by Brita Kihle
Everything, by Brita Kihle Remembering, by Brita Kihle