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First Hour

Things I Didn't Know I Loved...by Derek Olsen Ghost, by Cassie Adamski
Water, by Cassie Adamski The Old Family Farm, by DyAnna Grondahl
My Mother's Father, by Nicole Miller The Woods, by Nick Markstrom
Farming, by Parker K. Duxby, by Gabe Magnusson
Gravel Pit, by Levi B. Home Reading, by Connor J.
Dad, by Kylie Anderson Thank You, by Kylie Anderson
How to Become a Whale, by Buddy Denn Pennsylvania, by Curtis Parker
Moonlight, by Sam Jerome Things I Didn't Know I Loved, by Vanessa Weiland
Hunting, by Nate W. Untitled, by Austin Johnston
Just Another Day, by Levi B. Untitled, by Jon Storo
Food, by Kieren O. Home, by Destiny Barry
All It Was, by Destiny Barry