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You Picked a Fine Time to Leave

Goodbye, by Austin Kohl In My Eyes, by Kristen Jesch
Why'd You have to leave me? By Chantel Gust Sister, Paige, by Kasady Moser
Grandma, by Shannon Grawberger Loved and Left, by Nicole Two Hearts
Smokey, by Ashley Dunham Lost and Found, by MollieRae Miller
Dreaming about leaving, by Rita Smebak Missing, by Olivia Comstock
Empty Shelf, by S.C. Larson Remember,by Derian Byfuglien
Leaving, by Toia Starren Leaving, by Jesse Eastman
Leaving, by Nick Anderson Leaving,by Kaley Kvasager
Leaving winter, by Cole Olson I would miss, by Cole Olson
Leaving Home, by Greg Olson Leaving home, by Dylan Gjovik
Leaving, by Kelsey Jerome My Keys, by Brandon Gunderson
I can see it now, by Madison Millner The Day You Left, by Lindsey Decker
Leaving, by Natalie Huff She Left, by Kayla Boppre
Leaving, by Jared Strand Leaving Roseau, by Emily Jerome
Leaving, by Alex Munsterman Papa, by Angelica Kramer 
Leaving, by Ashley Kompelien Leaving, By Karlie Hedlund