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I am the One

I am the One, by Alex Munsterman Who Feels, by Natalie Huff
The One Who Hopes, the One, by Nicole Two Hearts I am the One Who Feeds the Calves, by Peter Schafer
The Runner is Out, by Ryan Erickson Lucky, by Ben
Who Procrastinates, by Monique Haman Who, by Mollie Rae Miller
Starting Line, by Ryan Erickson Commitment, by Austin Beito
Chest of Words, by Kristen Jesch True Friends, by Chantel Gust
My Mom, by Tasha Gislason 12 Random things about me, by Kristina Grahn
I'm the One, by Kayla Corneliusen Living, by Susie N.
Each Day, by Jacob Slater I am the One, by Keith Johnson
I am the one who was...By Kyle McCourt For Something, by Austin Jorl Wensloff
About Me, by Jordan Radcliffe I am the one...by Shawn Wulff
I am the One who is Different, Inside and Out, by Miranda Lee
I Am the One, by Cody Millner
Question Mark, by Nicole Two Hearts