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Past, Present and Future Nostalgia

By Aleta Sanford


Almost ten years have passed, all in anguish.

                Distastefully cold winters, pitifully warm summers.

                No friends, commotion or excitement;

                No humidity, mall or Super Saver;

                Wal-Mart, Target or McDonalds (though there are rumors).

Looking back I see ten years spent resisting.

                I was fighting everything here, refusing to

                Give myself in to it.  But it overcame me.

                I am no longer Ally, just Aleta.  No longer

                Nebraskan but Minnesotan.

Two years from now Iíll wish I were here,

                I know I will.  But gone will be

                These days and someday, perhaps someday,

                I wonít be Minnesotan any longer.