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By: Aizer Lea Alaras


In life there will always be a good and bad memories the laughter, sadness, disappointment we canít control everything, even if we want too I had a friend a young women she was by the beach with her family dancing, having a great time.

Then suddenly it all changed

on her way home, wasnít herself

quite, sitting by herself all alone in the corner shivering, she wouldnít answer thought she was in a bad mood and should understand her situation. They left the beach they got home, and she started to talk, asking for something her family knew she would ever ask for.

few hours has passed her eyes turned pale white then her family wondered what was wrong with her her family didnít give up on trying to find a healer for her mystery illness few days later her voice changed into a manís voice that horror everyoneís mind thinking It was figured out, she was possessed by all different kinds of spirits. The first one was a child then all other different spirits got in to her body, and possessed her twelve times.

It was her biggest nightmare

survived after everything

got stronger and moved on.