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My Nine Month Journey

By Jordan Negen


I walked into the room of fate

The room where decisions are made for me

The room where I am a child even if I think im not

The room where I appear a cocky young man

but really am a worried one

I appear on august seventh 2012 10:00AM in front of judge tiffinaie

Wherein a shirt the least bit respectful, cakey shorts

A tattoo on my right calf hanging out like a sign of my anarchy

Never once did I think that this day could take up nine months of my life

But the decision I made up to that day in anyone’s opinion

Would make them think I deserved that kind of punishment

Everyone’s opinion but mine of course

But my opinion isn’t in my best interest

My opinion is what slowly destroyed me

Because my parents opinion had no influence on me

I thought I could raise myself

But all I brought up was an everlasting memory of bad habits

So I leave on a nine month journey never to return to the person I once was

Never to return to a home with comfort gone for many years

But when I do return I returns knowing that these nine months have taught me life lessons

That will to be cherished for years to come.