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I Never Knew

By Jennifer Seeley


I never knew leaving Grand Rapids last summer

That I would miss my ugly dog Scrappy.

I didnt have to worry about him following

My every move, or barking at every little sound that came from outside

I never thought Id miss hearing my uncle come home from work

saying Hey kiddo how was your day?

But I miss it, and Id do anything to hear it again.

I never knew Id miss waking up to the sound of a rooster

crowing at the crack of dawn

but I actually miss it quite a lot.

I also never knew Id miss the big town of Grand Rapids,

Im counting down the days until I can go back.

I miss everything about that place: the people, Pokegama Lake, Tall Timber Day,

The farmers market and even the middle age man standing on the corner of the

Highway with his over sized boom box.

If where being honest, its the only place I can really call home.

Its where Im the happiest, and I miss being happy.

Every time I leave, I feel like Im leaving a part of me.

Ive lost my old self; I really miss the person I once was.

13 days left of school, and Ill be Grand Rapids bound.

Im counting the days as they slowly drag on.

I never knew in a million years Id miss a town so much.