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Water Tubing 

by Kelsey H.


Today we are going up north.  It is July.

It takes two short hours to get to Izatys.

When you drive in, its an evergreen tree arch

with birds tweeting and singing.  We just

checked into our cabin/townhouse.

Then our friends arrive.  My dad launches

the boat into the cold deep blue Mille Lacs

Lake.  While he is doing that we change into 

our swimsuits.  And then get on the boat 

to go water tubing.  Olivia

and I go first and my dad is racing

the tube, the waves are about seven feet high

as we bounce.  We just went so high

that we did a handstand by holding

on to the handles.  The turns

are so sharp.  Then we go back

and get in the pool.

Later we have mouth-watering hotdogs

and brats and marshmallows.  Its about

12:00 at night and we crash

into bed and talk and make fun of each other.