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Things I Didn't Know 

by Riley


Now much I hate camp.

How much I love candy

how much I love x-box 360

how much money I have

how annoying my brothers are

how much I like movies

how much I love orange juice

how much I love apple juice

how much fun tape is--it is sticky

how much fun airsoft is

how much fun gym is

how grass is so soft

how good I am at skating

how much of a pyro I am

how good of a goalie I am

how much I love pop

how fireworks are so loud

how fun ripsticking is

how much I love my shoes

how I love swimming

how fun a trampoline is

how smart I am

how football is so fun

how hockey is too

and soccer

how funny I am

now much I love pizza

how much I love storms

how I use my phone

how I read Calvin and Hobbes so much

how much I love my dirt bike.