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Things I didn't Know I'd Miss 

by Olivia W.


My years at Withrow Elementary have

been the most memorable years ever.


My friends and I have laughed together

cried together, but in the end, 


we are always there for each other.

The things I've seen, and the people I've met


will have a place in my heart forever.  The field trips

we the best.  And the teachers are just simply amazing.


I didn't know I'd miss raising caterpillars and letting

them go as butterflies.  I didn't know I'd miss


the naps on the floor in kindergarten. 

I didn't know I'd miss having "fun Friday"


in first grade with Mrs. Stickan.  When we

would play limbo!  I will also never forget


Ellie Rice, and how she was my first friend

that I met in kindergarten.