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Thank You Nature Class Poem


Thank you snow

for catching me when I fall.


Thank you stars for giving us constellations

and stories of dragons and heroes. 


Thank you grass for being so soft and comfy

like a bed. 


Thank you rain for getting me wet.


Thank you daffodil for your 

beautiful color.


Thank you thunder

for waking me up.


Thank you flower

for smelling so pretty. 


Thank you rain of soaking me.


thank you oak for the acorn I love to eat,



Thank you sun for being bright.


Thank you lake for helping me live.


Thank you moon for telling people and 

creatures that its night.


Thank you rain for watering the grass

making rainbows pretty and bright. 


Thank you stars for shining

very bright, being so beautiful

in the night sky. 


Thank you tree for letting me climb

safely with your branches, and catching my fall.


Thank you grass for letting me fall into you

and not dirt. 


Thank you moon for the light you give

us so its completely dark

at night and to let the wolves howl when you're

full like a flower that bloomed. 


Thank you, stars, for making the night sky

as beautiful as possible.


Thank you rain for making everything

grow you made grass so lusciously green 

and comfy like a nice big bed. 


Thank you rain for giving water to all

the flowers and for helping things grow.