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We’re playing Dance Dance Revolution.

We’ve been playing so long. It’s already

Getting dark out, so Kailey dims the

Lights. I hear sounds of pop cans

Opening.  Mmmmm…it tastes like

Mountain Dew. We lay our sleeping bags

Out and Dance on them. I can hear the music

Getting louder in my ear.  We are getting so

Hot, we almost fall over.  Whenever we

Get tired we do ten jumping jacks

So we can stay awake.  And not

Have to go to bed. Everyone’s jumping

Around and screaming! It’s never

Fun without my BFF here. I stand up and

Drink some MTD.  Then I go do jumping

Jacks. I can’t believe it, its’ already

1:00 a.m.!  All Kailey’s sisters are here.

I am so happy I slept over.