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National Disabled Hockey Festival 

by Blake H. 


In the morning I got up to go play hockey.

When we got there I got hungry because of

all the food smells.  I had to ignore that smell

because I was going to play hockey pretty

soon.  When I got to the locker room I

saw all my teammates were there so I quickly

throw on my chest pads, my breezers, and my elbow pads. 

Last but not least I put on my helmet. I get out there

and they are already getting on the ice.  I zip

out there just when the

coach calls us in. We have our little

pep talk and then we are ready to go.  

The ref blows his whistle and we

line up.  The ref drops the puck and

we all race after the puck.  

There is a fight for the puck.