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My House

By Kailey


Walking up the driveway from school

Water running from my mom washing

Dishes, the sound of Dad

Mowing grass outside. Jake

Laughing, Lea doing her spelling

Words, Mom trying to get everything done.

Whether itís folding clothes

Cleaning, vacuuming, washing

Dishes, or making dinner for

Everyone, she always gets it done.

Dad mowing grass, putting

Chemicals in the pool, building

Stuff we can play with, or

Fixing anything broken, he always

Gets it done.  And then thereís

Jake who wanders

Everywhere.  Outside, barn, driveway,

 his room, trampoline, or playground

you have to look around to

find him.  It seems like Grandma

is always at our house

helping out.  And bringing us

to school.