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My Dog

By Mira L.


I run.  He runs too.  He runs into the pond

The muddy filthy pond.  He doesnít care

(if its dirty he likes it)

His mind is lost in the clouds.

Now dad lets the others out while

We eat.  They run.  They bark.  They chase

Each other.  They smell the food; hamburgers

And hotdogs, corn and watermelon.  They

Try to get out to get to the food

On this summer night.  They donít.

They canít.  They give up and go run

Play, bark chase.  They lay in the grass.

That golden dog, that brown dog, and

That white and gray dog.  Theyíre happy.


Will they come out again?  Yes, most

Likely.  And they play, run, chase and

Yes, bark.  It goes on, donít worry.