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My Dog

By Isaiah R.


I was so happy about getting a dog.

But getting dogs are a lot of work.

You have to feed them, give them

Water and care for them.


My dog is a chocolate lab.  He

Can get into trouble sometimes, but

He is cute.  He likes to chew

On things  he can rip pieces off of.

Sometimes he can be in a playful

Mood or a happy mood or a sad

Mood, but when you donít play with

Him long enough he gets in a

Mad mood.  Whenever he gets hot

He just jumps in some water

Because brown is a dark color, so

It absorbs light.  When he gets

Mad he likes to bite you and

Tries to get away from you and

He wonít listen to you.  He doesnít

Like his leash, so he bites it

But we usually let him go wandering

Around.  He likes to chase people and

Animals.  At night he sleeps in a

kennel.  My dogís name is Rex.  He likes

only the people who care for him.