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Ms. Ehretís Class Poem

We Are Thankful For


A remote control boat the color blue,

Butterfly nets,

A three-headed toy dragon,

And we are thankful for

Our brothers and sisters.


For getting a new toy from Grandma

For our parents,

Thankful for the heart we have.

Thankful for our grandmas

And grandpas, thankful

For the earth.


Thankful for our favorite

Fuzzy blanket, thankful for

My gator.  Thankful

For babies and thankful for four-wheelers

For the rides and the jumps.

Thankful for our families.

Thankful for my BIG toolbox

My dad gave me,

Thankful for stuffed animals

And the specials one, the duck.

Thankful for our bikes, going fast

And doing donuts.

Thankful for our aunts and uncles

Thankful for the stuff we make.

Thankful for our houses,

And thankful for this day.