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JCs House

By Ryan


I was going to JCs house

Afterschool.  It was a hot sunny

Day.  Sharon, JCs mom, offered me a

Muffin and I was kind of holding

My muffin by my waste and then

Hawkeye jumped up and ate my muffin.

And it was fresh out of the oven and the steam

Was coming off it.  Oh it was really sad

So Sharon asked if I wanted to sleep-over.

My mom said yes and I was really happy.

And then a strong wind picked up and there

Was a vase with a flower in it and the

Wind blew it and it smashed onto the floor

And it was like 9:30 and Sharon

Was really tired so Sharon made me

And JC clean it up.  Sharon went

to bed.  When me and JC were done

we went downstairs and watched

a movie and went to bed.