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I Remember 

by Mick


I remember when Garrett came

over and we were really bored

so I came up with the idea

we should roller-skate on my treadmill.

My skates were on the rubber.

I was ready.  He turned up the

speed.  One mile, two, five, eight miles.

I was holding to the handrail and cruising 

at fourteen miles per hour.

When finally he turned it up to fifteen 

miles per hour.  And that is when

my legs gave out.  I slammed

against the rubber.  Then bam

I hit the wall. I was stuck

there with the hot rubber

burning my arm and ripping my shirt.

I saw Garrett laying on the ground 

laughing so hard.  I yelled

at him Get Up!  And then he finally got up but he

didn't know how to shut it off. I yelled 


and then he shut it off.  Finally I was able to get up

and there was a huge red mark on my arm.

I am never doing that again.