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Death of a Squirrel 

by Justin


I'm up north with my family walking through the woods with my dad.  I'm carrying my 4-10 shotgun along my side and its not too heavy, but its not too light.  Its starting to sprinkle and the ground is getting soggy and mushy.  Suddenly my dad spots a red squirrel so I look over and I see up in a tree about ten feet away.

I load my shotgun (click) then I grabbed it by the grips and put it up to my shoulder. Then I took aim and bang.  The squirrel launched six feet out of the tree and into the leaves.  SO I ran over and grabbed it.

Then me and my dad went back to the cabin. We gut and skin it but we never get to eat it.  But a few years later I shot a squirrel with my grandpa and I found out it tastes better than chicken.  (yum).