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5th Grade

My Dog, by Isaiah R. The Dog's Story, by Emma E.
4th of July Party, by Sophie The Big Hill, by Nora
My Dog Barking, by Blake H. Wind, by Mira L.
The Rematch, by Adam J. My Grandma's House, by Sophie
Me, by Nora Afton Alps, by Blake R.
I am the One, by Bennett The Ferry, by Emma E.
The Lake Lot, by Emma C. In the Morning, by Bennett
My Dog, by Mira L. Leaves, by Nora
Thank You, by Emma E. Tree Says, By John
Dear Wind, by Shane Chipmunk to Tree, by Emma C.
Sun to Moon, by Lexi A. My Dog, by Mira L.
Hawaii, by Isabella Japan, by Gabe
Tornado, by Will Bacon, by Benny
National Disabled Hockey Festival, by Blake H.  Death of a Squirrel, by Justin
Paradise, by Morgan R. The Mouse Trap, by Sonia
Pheasant to Grass, by Peter Thank You Nature Class Poem