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3rd Grade

Nature, by Delaney One Day, by Haley
Ferby the Bunny, by Alayna Playing, by Matthew
My Stuffed Animals, by Luke Robin, by Tyler
I am the One, by Casey Dirt Bike, by Sean
Outside, by Elizabeth Maverick, by Sydney
Great Britain, by Meredith My Grandma, by Sienna
Black Ops, by Zeck Outside, by Colin
I am the One, by Maibel I am the One, by Elyse
My Turtle, by Walker Palm Beach, by Maibel
Dirt Bike, by Gregory My Birthday, by Emma
I See, by Logan My Trampoline, by Joey
My Cabin, by Emma S. Cheese, by Adam

When Truman Came Over, by Scott

Breaking Scott's Arm, by Truman

My Sixth Birthday, by Sienna