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Trigger Poems

I Wish, by Draven I Can, by Adam
I Believe, by Willa I Believe, by Kira
Me, by Dee Dee Jacob I Will Not, by Dillon
I Know Math, by Ryan J. Winter, by Shyanne
Next Time You See Me, by Heather Me, by Drake
I Am, by Eli Said John, by Ben
Next Time You See Me, by Collin Fourth of July, by Matthew
Where to Go? by Allie S. Different Me, by Conner
I, by Sydney I Love Squirrels, by Ryan
Fishy, by Ben Weird, by Simon
Year, by Zander I Am, by Tanner
America, by Tori T. My Grandma's Hobby, by Danielle
I Am Not, by Skylar I Am, by Patience
The River, by Jillian Imagination, by Mariah Marks Erickson
Where I Was, by Zane Believe, by Grace 
Dance, by Mazie Kivi-Lex What Am I? by Christian
Gunner, by Ryan Soyring Cotton Candy House, by Madison Olds