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Ms. Hanninen's Class

Bass, by Carson Tunheim. Our Couch, by Naomi Larson
Lake, by Bryant Modrow Proof, by Sam Busker
South Dakota, by Cassie Crow A Rock, by Alex Scheiben
Alarm Clock, by Alex E. Ice, by Carson Tunheim
My Mom, by Hannah Clark My Grandpa's Voice, by Jacob Walther
Wind, by Naomi Larson Survive, by Naomi Larson
My Mom's Voice, by Piper Van Steenwyk For Mom, by Byron
My Voice, by Samantha Watson The Stable, by Hannah Clark
My Mom's House is Loud, by Darius The Sun, by Brittany Anderson
In My Closet, by Piper Van Steenwyk My Baby Sister, by Brittany Anderson
The Starfish, by Remiah Sundine The Twirl, by Jayden Leslie
Minneapolis, by Chloe Dallman  My Favorite Food, by Alex Scheiben
Horses, by Hannah Clark Dancing in the Rain, by Piper Van Steenwyk
The Crow, by Cassandra Crow I Wonder, by Bryant Modrow
The Old Abandoned House, by Amanda Heim The End of the Magical Flying Cow, by Darius Wood
The Beautiful Roses, by Samantha Watson Peaceful, Then Not So Peaceful, by Michael Erickson
X-Box 360, by Matt Ashland