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Mr. Heimark's Class

My Garage, by Alex Jameson Spring to, by Dannah Nephew
Water, by Ricky Borash Waterskiing, by A.J. Lindquist
My Dad's Voice,  by Aleksander Lund My Mom's Voice, by Katie Overland
Trains, by Ethan Derhausern The Outdoors, by Nikki
I Am, by Jade Sweet I Wonder, by Macey Cervenka
My Brothers' Voices, by Heather My Mom's Voice, by Kelly Sandau
October Day, by Tracy Ovsak My Grandma's Voice, by Taylor Soland
What I Wonder, by Alex S. Her Voice, by Shyler Hoss
My Alarm Clock, by Kayla Wendt I Am, by Brittany Canham
My Dog, by Skyler Hansen The Forest, by Macey Cervenka
Morning Falls, by Alex Johnson Cold Winter Day, by Skyler Hansen
The Wolf of Death, by Alex Stewart Darkness, by Kayla Wendt
I Am Here, by Macey Cervenka The Moon's Light, by Dannah Nephew
Storm, by Tucker Bergquist My Sister's Room, by Austin Ledeir
Blade of my Stick, by A.J. Lindquist Pizza, by Ricky Borash
The Cabin, by Alex Willette My Life, by Abbie Barnett
The Beach, by Kelly Sandau My First Dance Show, by Taylor Soland
Hawaii, by Britany Canham Hockey, by Jacob Bren
My Birthday, by Jade Sweet Steven Johnson Syndrome, by Madison Ramsey