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Ms. Benning's Class

Night Time, by Cecilia I Believe, by Sydney Menne

Being a Swordfish, by Aaron

My Dog, by Bauston Lenarz

Recital, by Titus

The Song That I Sing , by Jenna Totino

The Soccer Field, by Sydney

Turkey , by Titus

Afternoon at the Lake , by Cecilia

Shamu the Whale, by Rheanna

Me, the Cat, by Syndey Menne

My Cat, by Sabrina Frazer

Dogs, by Sienna Marks

Sitting, Silently, by Michael

I Can, by Maddie

Portland , by Naomi

Me, by Nadine

Hummingbird, by Cecilia Pugh

At the Beach, by Maddie Dosser

I Wish, by Rheanna

My Favorite Places, by Maggie

T-Rex, by Frankie

My Cat, Lucky, by Nadine

Monkey, by Megan B.

I Am, by Bauston

Dog, by Lexi

Black Panther, by Ryan

Black Panther, by Branick

Mountains, by Megan

I Can and I Cannot, by Griffin

My Grandparentís Cabin, by Branik

I Will Tell You, by Jenna

Arizona , by Sabrina

Fishing Contest, by Ryan

Dolphins, by Bauston Lenarz

I Believe, by Ryan

With You, by Noe

Valleyfair, by Titus

Me and My Friend, by Michael

I Wish, by Aaron

I Remember, by Aaron