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Ms. Thompson's Class

I Believe, by Clair

Last Night, by Tessa

Wiggles, by Hunter

My Dog, by Clair

Hunting Eagle, by Hafsa Ahmad

The Waterpark, by Isabelle

Iím Everywhere, by Gabrielle

I Remember, by Gabrielle

I Wish, by Trayana

Dogy, by Gabrielle

Where Am I, by Nick

I Am, by Andrea Bradshaw

If I were a Dog, by Sam Lehmann

The Killer Whale, by Oscar

Up North, by Nate Daig

When I went to Mexico , by Oscar

I Am, by Dylan

Three Wishes, by Andy

Camargo, by Julio

Me, by DeMario

House, by Grace

I Wish, by Grace

The Trip to Boston, by Keyly Hernandez

Macaw, by DeMario

My Chinchilla, by Isabelle

A Jaguar Who Is Sad, by Kaya

Dear Santa, by Julio

Cats Are Cute, by Isabelle

I Am a Cheetah, by Andy

My Pet Bird, by Grace Espersen

Places, by Ethan

Cat, by Demetruis Carter

Tug, Tug, Pull, by Tessa

Dogs are Fluffy, by Savannah

5 Wishes & 1 Thing I Believe, by Savannah