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Ms. McAlpine's Class


Home, by Nicole

Turtles, by Halle

Red Wing, Minnesota, by Emiliano

I Am , by Emiliano

I Wish , by Halle

I Am , by Kiana

Dreams , by Tess

At the Beach , by Nathan

The Beach , by Angel

Under the Table , by Lexie

I Wish , by Sam

Cat, by Tiana
A Baby Polar Bear, by Lydia I Am, by Rachel
All the Fish, by Nicole Mice, by Abby
The Turtle, by Tyler I am the Tiger, by Sam
What Am I? by Lexie Cats, Rats, by Angel
I Will Not, by Maurcio Scream, by Jessica
Chick, by Halle Giraffe, by Antaivia
Robin, by Miles A Cupcake, by Tess Haima
The Dog, by Michael Rollercoaster, by Kat
The Snake, by Cade Pythons, by Nathan Niederkorn
Loving Puppies, by Ludivina Cats, by Kat Stietz