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Ms. Laliberte's Class

Summer, by Dani

A Couple Days ago, by Dani

Shadow, by Rylan

My First Dog, by Justin

I Know, by Justin Bird, by Ruth Ann
School, by Elizabeth About Me, by Elizabeth
I Wish, by Romeo I Believe, by Vic
I Am, by Justice Feel How it Feels, by Patricia
Camping, by Gunnar I Wish I was, by Chandler Rosengren
Dogs, by Jackie Carlson School, by Jennifer Barrett
I am a Bird, by Elizabeth My Life, by Isabela Everett
Wallmart, by Chris Riding, by Vic
I Remember, by Leah About Pola, by Annali Moraine
The Animals, by Deven T. Tropical Fish, by Cole
Tigers, by Marcus A Snake, by Romeo
Cody the Dog, by Katie At the Zoo, by Asia
Kalahari Hotel, by Montana