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Ms. Krone's Class

Ohio, by Maddie

My Little Brother. by Hanna

Summer is Good, by Andrew

One Day, by Nadia

I Am , by Blake S.

The Avatar Movie , by Blake L.

I Am , by Savannah

Me , by Lexi

The Beach , by Maddie

Daycare, by Aaron

Me, by Jack

I Will Not, by Alejandro A.

Visiting the Farm, by Kailee

Me, by Andrew

I am, by Gavin

I Wish, by Samantha

I Wish, by Nadia

I am Fun, by Brandis

My Second Cat, Faith, by Brandis The Tigers, by Aaron Garcia
Fast Dolphin, by Hannah Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys, by Ajah M.
Quackers, by Vincentt Monkeys, by Gabe
My Dog, by Blake S.  Lost Lions, by Blake L. 
My Pet Nala, by Jackson Luhrs A Red Robin's Life, by Mark Hallamek
My Pets, by Sevriano My Cat Had a Bad Day, by Jazmin Finch
Bats, by Alex White Cat, by Maddie
My Pet Goldfish, by Jordan Riley Klein If I was a Dog, by Andrew Cuevas
Good Times Being a Walrus, by Nadia My Dog Petunia, by London Fjelstad
The Cabin, by Gavin Christoffersen My Dog Kody, by Savannah Lenare
When My Mom, by Aalihah G.