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Ms. Zanter's Class

Home, by Grace Bi. Panda, by Mekhi P.
I Remember, by John I am the One, by John
I am the One, by May The First Day of School, by Jedidah
Cliff Diving, by Jack I am the One, by Mariana C.
I am the One, by Shannon H. I am the One, by Sam
Snow is Coming Down, by Kira V. Storm, by Barissa
I am the One, by Kongchi C. The Day my Brother Came Home, by Marja C.
Paint Ball, by Caedan The First Day of Kindergarten, by Bennett
I am the One, by Larry Trip to Detroit, by Mya B.
My Tree house, by Ephraim How to do the Middle Splits, by Samantha P.
I Remember, by Cameron Wii, by Cameron
Lady, by Grace Bi. Dear Moon, by Barissa
Fishing, by William Hot Day, by Kaylee
Blue, by Jedidah Lavender, by Simon
Dance, Amelia S. Sleep, by Sam
Clouds, by Kira V. Ferris Wheel, by Kira V.
Dear Dragonfly, by Samantha P. Dear Rainy, by Grace B.
Letters, by Bennett My Dog, by Marja C.
Dear Acorn, by Carl Outdoors, by Carl
Dear Lillian, by Lillian Spring, by Ephraim
My Cabin, by Samantha P. Springtime, by Mya B.
Springtime, by Bennett My Spring, by Bryce W.
My Neighborhood, by Grace Be. Park Zone, by Larry
Spring, by Grace Bi. Trinidad & Tabago, by Mekhi P.
Spring, by John When I was Small, by Kongchi C.
River, by Kira V. Butter Yellow Dandelions, by Kira V.
Spring, by Amelia S. Awesome Spring, by Ethan R.
Valleyfair, by Jack In Florida, by Mariana
When I Go, by Carl In Spring, by May
My Cabin, by Caedan In My Neighborhood, by Caedan
Highland Pool, by Simon House, by Ngao S.
What I do in Spring, by Ngao S. The Neighborhood, by Jedidah
Springtime, by Kaylee Spring, by Cameron
Spring, by Barissa Springtime, by Lillian
You are the One, by May Holiday, by Mya B.
Beautiful Spring, by Stephanie Neighborhood, by Shannon H.