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Ms. Vogelgesang's Class

Looking at the Sky, by Makeda J. Flame, by Jaiden K.
Outside, by Harrison My Home,by Adrienne
Home, by Gunnar Home, by Joseph
I am the One, by Jaiden K. I am the One, by Mao C.
I am the One by Yuvall L. I am the One, by Moonda
To Swim, by Zak I am the One, by Fayo
My First Baseball Game, by Harrison My First Airplane Ride, by Sommer
I am the One, by Elisia B. The Day I Met Hope, by Anna
When I Came to Minnesota, by Masud I am the One, by Sophia
Me, by Adrienne First Day of School, by Hawi
Dear Rain, by Zak Dear Bee, by Mao C.
Candy, by Isabel Baseball, by Michael
Some Art, by Adrienne Dear Humans, by Harrison
Flower and Worm, by Anna Family, by Sophia
Home, by Mao C. Spring, by Mao C.
Spring, by Amalia My Neighborhood, by Isabel
Valleyfair, by Marcus I am the One, by Makeda J.
Kansas, by Michael The Cabin, by Jaiden
Spring, by Jaiden I am the One, by Ethan
My Mind, by Quintcy Fun, by Adrienne
Spring, by Sommer School, by Harrison
My House, by Moonda When We Were Cooking, by Euodia
Square Lake, by Gunnar Walk, by Gunnar S.
School, by Elisia Spring, by Elisia 
Cape Cod, by Anna  I am Chastity, by Chastity
Como Town, by Queneisha My Neighborhood, by Sophia
The Moon, by Enrique Noisy, by Michaela M.
My Neighborhood, by Hawi H.S. Hide-out, by Jaylon J.
My Neighborhood, by Fayo A Letter to Space, by Quintcy
Dear Bird, by Michaela Bandit, by Chastity
My Room, by Masud Wisconsin Dells, by Amalia
King Buffet, by Fayo