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The Cabin

By Haili K.


Arrive at cabin.

Drip drip drip

Rainy day.

Sand on the carpet.



I step on a shell.

Pesky cousin must have dropped it.

Turn on TV.

Watch a show about water.

Fall asleep on stool.

Fall over.

Wake up.

Itís morning.

Open shades

Wake up cranky old dad.

Get yelled at by cranky dad.

Go swimming.

Swim back to shore.

Go on boat ride with family.

Jump in the middle of lake

With pesky cousin.

Fish rub against my legs.


Pick up bait.

Make the minnows dance

To the Barney song.

Put minnows back.

Look at lake.

See cranky dad paddling

To boat.

We go back to shore.

The water has given me a vacation.

The water has taken away

Everything boring.

We drive home.

Dad gets speeding ticket.

Read book.

Get car sick.

Stop to get lunch.


Talk about our cabin.

Get teased by pesky cousin

And cranky dad for falling


Get back in car.

Drive home.

Go to grandparentsí.

Argue with pesky cousin

About computer.

Go downstairs to discover

Cranky dad has already got computer.