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Ms. Warde's Class

At My House, by Ben J. Home, by Nayher
Words, by Baily R. Flowers, by Yohanes
Sleeping, by Nathan At Heidi's House, by Beth
Playing with my Cats, by Jackson There's a Chipmunk, by Alex
My Gerbil's Name, by Alex Julie, my American Girl Doll, by Corin
The Heavenly Bakery, by Bela My Sister's Rat, by Nathan
Summer, by Baily When a Squirrel Bit Me, by Ben
When I Broke my Wrist, by Azaria When I Met Joe Mauer, by Julian
When I was Two, by Melinda C. Camp, by Nayher
My Dog Desi, by Blair At My Cousin's Birthday, by Loko
Aunt Jan, by Lily B.  I Wish, by Beth
My Cat and the Fire, by Alex The World, by Baily
Football, by Jaeden Pizza, by Mercedes
I Am, by Jake My Baby Cousin, by Elezebet
Ask Me, by Corin  I Wonder, by Yohanes
Days with Grandpa, by Jackson Me, by Azaria
 I Believe, by Bela Dance, by Hailee
Emily's Cabin, by Lily Hmong New Year, by Hlu
The Gym, by Quincy Cat Bubbles Goes to the Vet, by Jake
Sledding, by Corin The Children's Museum, by Bela
Deer, by Moriss Spider, by Bela
My Rabbit, by Naomi Monkeys, by Joey
St Paul, by Gamadorz The Candy Store, by Trent
Rabbit's Day, by Fiona Wolf, by Cortney
Bat, by Ben The Life of a Wolf, by Jaeden
A Bull Playing Coro, by Elezebet Untitled, by Yeabsira
Untitled, by Azaria