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Ms. Zanter's Class

Pets at Night, by Haili The DarkWinter, by Rose R.
Electric Blanket, by Drew My Dog, by Miguel
I Wonder, by Jada I Didn't Know, by Rose
Ask Me, by Xzavier Ice Cream, by Emma
Bike, by Jada Dogs, by Nik
Fun Dogs, by Lila I Believe and Ask Me, by Kimberly
I Am Young, I Am! by Olivia I Probably Will, by Evan
I Wish, by Wesley My Cat Died, by Evan S. 
Halloween, by Jaeden Mom's Banana Bread, by Bella
I Am, by Keyshawn I Wish, Rediate
I Am Good At, by Hannah I Am, by Sam
I am in the Hills, by Bela I Wish, by Sara
Greek Mythology, by Drew Oh Cake, by Rachel
I Am, by Rachel Books, by Otto
Me, by Haili Candy, by Ibsa
Jail, by Elijah State Fair, by Emma
Outside, by Xzavier On the Bus, by Thaddeus
J.C.C. by Mahlet Cleaning my Room, by Logan
Surfing, by Spencer At Grandma's House, by Haili
Grandma's, by Sam New York, by Thomas
At Night, by Bela Pandas, by by Kaliyah
Kansas, by Keyshawn  Little Bird, by Otto
The Great Shark, by Evan S. House Cat, by Jaeden
My Dog Flash, by Evan B. Fierce Lion, by Xzavier
My Dog, by Thaddeus Bats, by Bella
The Great Alligator, by Aidan Water Park of America, by Mery
Slithery Snakes, by Miguel Jumping Dolphin, by Rose