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Ms. Thomas' Class

Seasons, by Jordan Make Something, by Skylah P.
My Baby Brother, by Zaniera Kittens and Cats, by Mai Ze
Skating, by Kobe Jackson, by Amiyah
PB & Jelly Sandwiches, by Emily When I Saw my Teacher, by Damari
At My Uncle's House, by Ali I Wish, by Ronnelle
I Am, by Selina Me and You, by Damari
Chucky Cheese's, by Dylan I Wish, by Kalijah
I Am, by Samantha About Me, by Michael
I Believe, by Precious I Am, by Amiyah
I Am Oneisha, by Oneisha I Wonder, by Raeisah
All About Me, by Dion Me, by Kobe
Lego City, by Emily At the Park, by Samantha
My Home, by Taneca Making a Snowman, by Wendy
Grand Slam, by Kobe At School, by Shequilla
Rainforest, by Takia Movie Theater, by Dion
Cats, by Emily Owl, by Ali
Firefly, by Takia Deer, by Ronnelle
Dog At Day, Dog at Night, by Samantha I Wish, by Jordan
Shark, by Amiyah I'm a Hawk, by Selina
Friends at School, by Selina I Had a Dog, by Mai Ze
Hamster, by Shequilla Kitten, by Oneisha
I'm a Fish, by Damari I Wanted, by Zaniera
Deer, by Zaniera Cats, by Raeisah
Running with Dogs, by Raeisah Dogs, by Raeisah