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Ms. Spears' Class

Star, by Syrena My Trees, by Caitlyn
The Moon, by Syrena Friends, by Naturi
Me, by Dominic Eclipses, by Syrena
Ice Cream, by Terrance Sun, by Syrena
I am a Star, by Ahiyah Owl City, by Alexia
I Wish, by Pang Zao Flowers, by Nazaria
My Bike, by Mykel In my Head, by Domayoum
What is in my Head, by O'Sheana Everyday, by Chee
What is in my Head, by Chee I Feel, by Ariyah
Rocket, by Dominic Music, by Joseph
In my Head and Heart, by Rodney What is in my Head, by Pang Zao
In my Heart, by Alexia Music, by Khyntra
Turtle, by Chee My Sister's Room, by Terrance
Lion, by Ahijah Kindergarten, by Sam
Komodo Dragons, by Alonte Starfish, by Cielo
Home, by Jerea Cheetahs, by Mariah
Dog in a Cage, by Dominic Jaguars, by Malaysia